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Hannibal and Me: A Review

  By Patrick Hunt The subtitle of Andreas Kluth’s insightful book Hannibal and Me is “What History’s Greatest Military Strategist Can Teach Us About Success and Failure”. It has more than just Hannibal wisdom, as expected from a writer for whom history is family and family is history: his great […]


Electrum Book Prize 2012

Electrum Magazine 2012 Book Prize The Sponsors, Editors, and Staff of Electrum Magazine Announce a Book Prize for 2012 for Fiction and Non-Fiction   Prize of $5,000.00 US Award split 50/50 between one fiction and one nonfiction author (or not split if only one category is deemed worthy) Submissions from […]


The Role of Silenus and Isabella d’Este

By Patrick Hunt   Silenus is one of the most enigmatic characters in Greek Mythology. He can be recognized in art by his visual iconography as old, fat and balding, slumped over while usually riding a donkey, often almost sliding off if not held up by someone – often another […]


Goethe in the Roman Campagna and Its Antecedents

By Patrick Hunt Along with his many other sometimes astonishing accomplishments ranging through history and archaeology to science and literature, polymath Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) was crucial to the reception of Europe, especially Germany, for its reappraisal of classical antiquity. His 1786-87 itinerary as distilled from correspondence in Italian […]

Short Takes

Asteria Early Music : Living a Dream in Burgundy

By Sylvia Rhyne and Eric Redlinger Editor’s Note: Sylvia Rhyne, Soprano, and Eric Redlinger, Tenor and Lutenist, are the musical group Asteria (Late Medieval Vocal and Instrumentalists) who share a Courtly Love story in following their passion and dream in Burgundy. Learn more about them and their music on their […]


Plato’s Circle in the Mosaic of Pompeii

By Katherine Joplin   Although the literary foundation of Western philosophy, Plato today is almost a legendary figure, his very name sparking the image of higher learning, truth, and perspicuity. How ironic then that in a mosaic of Plato’s Academy, the biggest quandary might be which figure is Plato. The […]