Electrum Book Prize 2012

Electrum Magazine 2012 Book Prize

The Sponsors, Editors, and Staff of Electrum Magazine

Announce a Book Prize for 2012

for Fiction and Non-Fiction


Prize of $5,000.00 US

Award split 50/50 between one fiction and one nonfiction author

(or not split if only one category is deemed worthy)

Submissions from Authors and Publishers

Will be Welcome by December 1, 2012

We welcome submissions in harmony with our mission.

(see Mission Page above)

We look for any books on topics and disciplines such as Archaeology, History, Classics, Philology, Art History, Humanities and related material. Books that validate “Why the Past Matters” especially┬ádeserve our consideration.

Books can be submitted if published in 2011-2012

For Guidelines, Criteria, List of Judges and Application, email the Editor

Dr. Patrick Hunt