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The Lanzi: Bodyguards in Sixteenth-Century Florence

By Andrea Gáldy – In sixteenth-century Florence, Duke Cosimo I de’ Medici succeeded his murdered predecessor Alessandro in 1537 and, even though the murderer was a close relative, knew very well what he needed to do to stay alive and in office. He had inherited a guard staffed by Italians […]


Scripta Manent: News from the Medici Grand Dukes

Medici Maiolica Armorial Plate, 16th. c. (image V&A) By Andrea M. Gáldy –  Alessio Assonitis & Brian Sandberg, eds. The Grand Ducal Medici and their Archive (1537-1743). London/Turnhout: Havey Miller Publishers/Brepols, 2016. Over almost 30 years, the Medici Archive Project (MAP) – from its humble beginnings in the Florentine State […]


In the Lap of Luxury: Quality Textiles as Signs of Nobility and Rulership

Nicholas Karcher atelier, Joseph Flees Potiphar’s Wife, 1549, design after Bronzino By Andrea M. Gáldy –  Florence is currently getting ready for an “event of historic magnitude” as it has been called by her mayor Dario Nardella (http://www.theflorentine.net/news/2016/09/medici-tapestries-come-home/). A group of high-renaissance tapestries depicting the Old Testament Story of Joseph (“Prince […]


Good Manners : Mannerism in Florence

Pontormo, Venus and Amor, 1533 By Andrea M. Gáldy – Maniera. Pontormo, Bronzino and Medici Florence, 24 Feb to 5 June 2016 at the Städel Museum, Frankfurt/Main curated by Bastian Eclercy, the department of Italian, French and Spanish paintings before 1800. Catalogue available in English and German: Bastian Eclercy, ed. […]