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Bathsheba: Rembrandt’s Confession

By Patrick Hunt –  1  “In the spring, at the time when kings go off to war, David sent Joab out with the king’s men and the whole Israelite army. They destroyed the Ammonites and besieged Rabbah. But David remained in Jerusalem.  2 One evening David got up from his […]

Artifacts of Material History

Napoleon Superstar

by Andrea M. Gáldy, with Stefanie Fricke,  Sabrina Kessler, Felicitas Meifert-Menhard  War and Peace Bayerische Landesausstellung 2015  Napoleon und Bayern” Ingolstadt Neues Schloss, Bayerisches Armeemuseum, Paradeplatz 4, 85049 Ingolstadt [Bavaria,Germany] 30 April to 31. October 2015, every day 9.00 am to 6.00 pm Organisers: Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte (, Bayerisches Armeemuseum […]


Cormon’s Cain Flees The Curse

By Patrick Hunt –  Fernand Cormon’s giant 1880 painting almost fills an entire gallery wall at the Musee d’Orsay, Paris, not just because it is almost 23 feet long (7 meters) but also because its dramatic starkness directly strikes the viewer in the often-darkened room. The biblical background of Genesis […]


War! What Is It Good For? – Book Review

By Jack Martinez –  War! What is it Good For? Conflict and the Progress of Civilization from Primates to Robots Ian Morris Farrar, Straus and Giroux (April 15, 2014) 512 pages In his recent book, War! What is it Good For?, Ian Morris writes, “War has made the planet peaceful […]


Hebrew Poetry and Word Play in Genesis 1:1-2

By Patrick Hunt –  While this is not in any way comprehensive, some of my favorite word plays from Hebrew literature show a deliberate use of language for suggesting multiple ambiguities, sometimes even steganographic – hiding things in plain sight – and often paronomasic – having connections in both sound […]