Marlin Lum’s Simplon Pass Switzerland Photo Essay


In 2005 while working with Cultural Heritage Imaging and monastery chanoine Jean-Pierre Voutaz, Archiviste for the Order of the Grand-St-Bernard at the Simplon Hospice in Switzerland’s Simplon Pass, Marlin Lum took these photographs of the local landscape and its environs.

Electrum Magazine is proud to feature stunning photographs of our own Marlin Lum in this inaugural issue as our first photo essay.


The Simplon Pass with peaks looking eastward above the Simplon Hospice


Looking down on the Simplon Hospice along the Simplon Pass road


Looking back north to the Upper Rhone Valley from near the hospice


The Simplon Hospice seal-logo


Exterior of a Simplon Pass house


Simplon Hospice icons


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