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Artifacts of Material History

The Farnese Atlas

By Alice Devine Wilson -  Wander into the enormous Roman sculpture galleries of the National Archaeological Museum in Naples, Italy and a strapping man carrying the weight of the world on his muscled shoulders may arrest your attention. In his crouched position on bended knee, his arms raised overhead to […]

Food History

Burgundy’s Historic Wine Village, Vosne-Romanée

Vosne-Romanée  (Photo P. Hunt, 2015) By Patrick Hunt -  Vosne-Romanée may be known to many connoisseurs as the most exclusive wine village not only in the Côte-d’Or and perhaps all of Burgundy, but it is even more valuable historically as its name preserves its distant past. The Romans were indeed […]


Father of Tuscan Archaeology: Winckelmann in Florence

Bronze Chimera of Arezzo, ca 400 BCE, Cosimo I Medici Estate, Archaeological Museum, Florence (photo P. Hunt, 2014)  By Andrea Gáldy -  WINCKELMANN, FIRENZE E GLI ETRUSCHI IL PADRE DELL’ARCHEOLOGIA IN TOSCANA, Archaeological Museum, Florence, 26 May 2016 to 30 January 2017. Catalogue available in Italian and in German: Barbara Arbeid, […]


Good Manners : Mannerism in Florence

Pontormo, Venus and Amor, 1533 By Andrea M. Gáldy – Maniera. Pontormo, Bronzino and Medici Florence, 24 Feb to 5 June 2016 at the Städel Museum, Frankfurt/Main curated by Bastian Eclercy, the department of Italian, French and Spanish paintings before 1800. Catalogue available in English and German: Bastian Eclercy, ed. […]

Literature Reviews

A New Baron Munchausen

By P. F. Sommerfeldt -  That far-fetched frolic of the rogue librarian Raspe, Adventures of Baron Munchausen has entertained many generations of readers since 1785, including the genius Terry Gilliam who made his peerless movie version in 1988, thereby introducing its wiles to modern cinematography, although often faithful to Gustave Doré’s […]

Architectural History

Gardens of Pompeii as Roman Legacy

By Cher Stone Beall – Gardens are a vital part of urban Pompeii as perhaps the best known Roman city. From a distance the location of some of the gardens in Pompeii must have revealed themselves with treetops rising above walls encircling them. The gardens of Pompeii were spread throughout […]