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We are Florentine

Fig. 1   Filippo Lippi, Portrait of a Young Man, ca 1480-5, National Gallery, Washington DC,                       Andrew Mellon Collection (image courtesy National Gallery of Art) By Andrea M. Gáldy – If it would not look so catty, temptation would be […]


Giovanni Segantini and the Segantini Museum, St. Moritz

Giovanni Segantini, La Natura detail, 1897-8, Segantini Museum, St. Moritz (image public domain) By P. F. Sommerfeldt – Giovanni Segantini (1858-99) was not only a pastoral artist who loved mountains, especially the Alps around the Engadine above St. Moritz, but one who captured their majestic beauty in a landscape shared […]


Proto-Elamites: Master Sculptors of Animals in Antiquity

Proto-Elamite Reclining Gilded Silver Mountain Goat, 3100-2900 BCE,  Boston Museum of Fine Arts, 7 cm length (image public domain) By Patrick Hunt -  How early in ancient art does realism appear?  While many ancient cultures transitioning from the Copper Age to Bronze Age in the Ancient Near East and elsewhere […]


Eleanor of Aquitaine: A Woman Beyond Her Time 

Marriage of Eleanor and Louis VII and Louis Leaving for Crusade, 15th c., Chroniques de St. Denis (image public domain)                    By Emmanuel Zilber -  Defying so many male imposed status quo “rules”, Eleanor of Aquitaine (ca. 1124-1204) was remarkable, but not only for […]


Hatchards Bookstore, Piccadilly, London since 1797

Hatchards 1801 facade at 189-90 Piccadilly, London By P. F. Sommerfeldt – Not many booksellers can claim to have been around since 1797. Fewer have hosted so many famous authors for signings and how many have three royal patents?  Hatchards was founded in Piccadilly in 1797 and has moved only […]


Renaissance Globalization

Domenico Ghirlandaio, Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints, 1483, Uffizi Gallery, Florence (image pubic domain) By Andrea M. Gáldy -  It’s the Globalisation … Kathleen Christian and Leah Clark, eds. European Art and the Wider World 1350-1550. Published by Manchester University Press, Manchester 2017 (Art and its Global Histories Series), […]


Early Byzantine Great Palace Mosaics, Istanbul

Eagle and Snake, Imperial Palace Mosaic Museum, Istanbul, circa 6th c. (image in common domain) By Patrick Hunt – Courtesy of the Nikia and Hippodrome revolts of 532 that destroyed part of the Imperial Palace of Constantine in Constantinople, subsequent rebuilding by Justinian (reigning 527-65) and possibly added to by […]